1. Slaving away in the kitchen! #domesticated Look out @belin_sarah
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    Slaving away in the kitchen! #domesticated Look out @belin_sarah

  2. Digitising your wardrobe


    I don’t know why someone didn’t tell me sooner. But a wardrobe organizer app is quite possibly the best organisation asset (and the geekiest) I have just got on board with.

    While I’ve been holed up in the apartment sick with a [terrible] cold, I’ve been able to dedicate time this long weekend to sorting out my wardrobe, with Closet+. It’s a free “style assistant” app for taking your wardrobe into the future. I spent $1.29 to get the upgrade allowing me to upload an unlimited number of clothes.

    I’ve taken pics of all 256 items of clothing I own in Sydney and organized them into different categories (belts, shoes, dresses, shorts etc). The app also allows you to save outfits and to choose what you want to file them under. So far I’ve got: ‘Work Wear’, ‘Weekend Wear’, ‘Formal Parties’, ‘Night Life’ and ‘Weddings’. I might add a ‘Beach’ section too!

    I also love the subcategories. I’m choosing to sort everything by seasons so I have ‘Winter’, ‘Summer’ and ‘In-between Seasons’ sections, within each outfit category.

    Another feature includes the costing – you can enter how much you spent on each item and it will work out the cost per wear, if you keep a record within the calendar of when you’ve work an item or outfit.

    I’m also looking forward to using the Packing Lists feature. I’m forever writing lists of what to take away with me (with so many trips back to NZ lately!). So this will be handy for sure.

    Still not quite at the standard of Cher’s wardrobe smart tech (for any Clueless fans) however, I’m sure that day will come! (Though it’s surprising how long it’s taken for technology to see that prediction come true…)

    Closet+ is available on: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id309532414

  3. Picnic & movie by moonlight

    An outdoor cinema is such a treat! I recently went to the Maltersers Moonlight Cinemas in Centennial Park to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s. An undoubtedly fabulous film but throw in the fresh open air, the stars and a picnic basket and you can’t beat it. 

    I went along with Will and we just had so much fun. It was a great way to spend a Friday night.

    We took along a picnic rug and some delicious food – olives, cheese, crackers, dips, strawberries, bread rolls… the list goes on! I just love it that it is all BYO food and drinks, you can even take your own alcohol. It gives it a really laid back atmosphere.

    Everyone rocks up about at least an hour before the film starts to enjoy the last of the sunshine (and so you can see what you’re eating!). We then got a beanbag, which you really need for comfort, then you just sit back, relax and enjoy the film. 

    It really is the perfect date :)

  4. The stunning Queenstown, NZ

    Queenstown is a must-do. If you haven’t been, book your tickets. It is actually one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places in the world.

    Though as a kiwi you’re probably thinking I am bias - and yes I do love New Zealand - but Queenstown really stands out.

    I was lucky enough to venture across the Tasman in January to the magical place for my bosses wedding (and it was one of the most beautiful weddings ever but we’ll get to that). I went with my work colleagues – so a bunch of Aussies and an Irish man! And I loved seeing their faces as their eyes fell across the scenery.

    We had one night staying in the actual heart out of Queenstown, which was great. We ventured out to Arrowtown to kick-off the hens-do and then ended up on the town! The night life in Queenstown is great - all the bars were busy and it felt like the place was buzzing! From dancing to shots and a game of pool, it was an awesome night out.

    However, even in the height of Summer (end of Jan) it was FREEZING COLD! We had all turned up in our summer gears and we were literally chilled to the bone. There was snow on the mountains and boy was it chilly.

    It’s also very much a tourist town. I still felt like a minority being a New Zealander - even though I was in my own country! The place attracts a lot of tourists and foreigners, which I was quite surprised to see at Summer time. I always thought of it as more of a winter destination for skiing! 

    I must say, I was also very suprised that it is a very new looking town. I was expecting old historical buildings, like so much of NZ boasts, but Queenstown is all new buildings and in my opinion lacks the rich old architecture. But in saying this, one doesn’t need to spend much time looking at the buildings - your eyes are just drawn to the landscape. With huge mountains surrounding you and vast lakes, it is very picturesque.

    I found it hard to get a bad photograph (but I still struggled trying to capture the beauty of the place in a photograph)!

    After our night out in Queenstown, we did the gondala ride and the luge, which is an absolute must! The views from the top are just outstanding (see above) and it was great fun taking people on the luge when they haven’t done it before!

    We then ventured to Glenorchy, we were staying for the wedding in Paradise, which is about 40 minutes of Queenstown. And yes it is actually paradise.

    Their wedding was just beautiful.

    All the guests gathered in a clearing and we were led into the bush - it was just like a forest. With the sunlight creeping in through the trees and the leaves fluttering to the ground from the tops of the trees, it was simply magical. After a beautiful ceremony amongst the trees, we each got a bag of snacks and went on about a 20 minute walk through the mountains to the marquee, where drinks and canapes were served followed by a sit-down lunch. 

    The banquet style lunch was certainly a highlight. I love how the food was served down the middle of the table and everyone would pass the different dishes along and serve things onto each others plates - it gave it a real family feel! 

    All in all, it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to go back to the beautiful South Island x

  5. LA Baby!


    This is a verrrrry verrrrry belated post about my trip to LA!

    I was lucky enough to be asked by my work to attend the American Film Market, which is basically the business end of the movie industry. I was attending on behalf of ScreenLaunch – Australian film sales and distribution company (and the sister business to the PR company where I work).


    The work side of things was such a great experience. It was all about networking, pitching and listening. We set up a booth at the international pavilion and I was there to help out with not only the admin side of things (putting my tip top organisational skills to use) but also to man the booth and take meetings about the slate of films we were selling. Plus I was able to apply my PR skills and managed to pitch a few stories to American media and drum up some publicity!

    LA is huge! It is so spread-out. I was staying in Santa Monica and as part of the trip I got to experience a lot of it – from the shopping to the partying and the tourist hot spots! I went out to a party in Hollywood, visited the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, I saw Quentin Tarantino on the street and Tobey Maguire bought me a drink!

    I got to check out Venice Beach, had a nosey around the Griffith Observatory (from ‘Rebel Without a Cause’) and needless to say I went and saw the Hollywood sign ☺

    The highlight of LA would absolutely have to be Disneyland!! It is quite literally THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. I had one of the best days ever! I love love loved Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones ride but I think my all-time favourite would have to the Peter Pan ride – you feel like you’re flying as you sail through the stars and look over London and Neverland.


    I am hoping to go back again as I would like to go to Universal Studios and experience a bit more of the city! There is just so much to see and do there. A great and wonderful place to visit!

    Certainly a trip where I ticked a few things from the bucket list x

  6. "Californiaaa here we cooome" 🎵 LA bound!! ✈️
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    "Californiaaa here we cooome" 🎵 LA bound!! ✈️

  7. Stylish Organisation

    I like to maintain a very organised lifestyle. Yes I’m obsessed with to do lists, lists (of any kind), folders, calendars, schedules and diaries - in other words, I’m a bit of a geek!

    You can only imagine how much joy shops such as kikki-K bring me!! They turn all the geeky organisational things into pretty products with style and flair.

    I recently invested in a gorgeous mint and gold polka-dot travel wallet with a matching notebook, both from kikki-K. The wallet has enough room for two passports, itineraries, boarding passes, a pen etc. The notebook is a leather A5 holder and you slide the re-placable notepad into it - such a handy idea. It will mean when I fill it up I can just buy a new one to go inside (without having to shell out for the cost of a whole new leather book). I’m going to look very styley going into my meetings now :P 


    Hmm would the matching mint iPad-mini case be a little overboard..? 

    I was very close to purchasing the large time planner, which has a calendar, meeting notes, anniversaries, reminders etc. It is super cute and would be so helpful - but I find that working on a computer, I tend to use my email calendar more. I’ve actually moved away from the physical diary and I just stick to my computer! So I don’t think it would get the use it deserves (plus the large size was quite heavy!). I also like to set reminders on my iPhone - I live by this setup!!

  8. My attempt at Halloween cupcakes! #Spiders #pumpkins 🎃👻
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    My attempt at Halloween cupcakes! #Spiders #pumpkins 🎃👻

  9. Taking a break in the Barossa

    Recently Will (the boyfriend) and I went on a very special trip to visit my Godmother in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

    We stayed in the most beautiful town called Tanunda, which has left me questioning why we live in the city! It is the most idyllic spot – everything is so clean and well presented. There’s just no other town to compare it to. With a population of around 3000 people, it has its own supermarket, primary school, high schools, cafes, shops – It just has everything (I was imagining something much more rural so you can understand my surprise!). And I really can’t express how pretty it is. 

    When you drive in there’s a grand entrance with beautiful gardens. Rich in history, the town is filled with lots of old buildings. There are various churches, there’s the old town square, even a town crier and I would say the pubs are pretty ancient too! On my Godmother’s vineyard there’s a cottage that was built way back in 1860!

    We were very lucky to be able to pat some young kangaroos! I was so excited to finally get up close to one. They are sooo soft and very cute!!


    Needless to say we visited many wineries whilst on our holiday, enjoying a Chardonay in the sunshine or a Barossa Shiraz once darkness fell. My favourite spots were Pindarie and Hentley Farm.

    Pindarie has the most beautiful outlook across the rural landscape - a very similar view to that of “McLeod’s Daughters" if you were ever a fan of the TV show. We enjoyed a platter of fresh bread, cheeses, meats and dips coupled with a delicious white wine. 

    Over at Hentley Farm we received the best wine testing experience yet! It’s a beautiful old place and we were seated in one of the rooms next to the bar and we had one of the staff members bring us various wines to try. She would talk to us about the bottle and then leave us to enjoy a small dash before coming back with another one. We were made to feel very welcome and we had just enough attention – but not too much to be a bother. Plus the wine wasn’t a bad drop either!

    We also went to the Whispering Wall – a rather astounding place. It’s a large dam that has a massive curved wall. You can stand at one end of it and literally whisper something and the person all the way on the other side can hear it. It’s amazing really!

    It was a great time of year to visit too. Being Spring everything was so lush and green. I have heard this doesn’t last long and soon the grass turns brown.


    We had three nights away and we both felt like locals by the time we left. Being driven all over the Barossa, having delicious food, large amounts of sunshine and taking their dog Paws for a stroll made it such a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

    If you’re looking for a place to visit I highly recommend South Australia, the Barossa Valley in particular. Though I think our experience was so good because of the company! xx

  10. Beautiful day for the beach 💛
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    Beautiful day for the beach 💛